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Height: 5'4"   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Blonde

Sarah started her career on stage at the early age of five in her native North East. I

She continued to be involved in many theatre and independent productions before leaving for London where she trained at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) for three years. 

While there, Sarah developed another passion: stage fighting and unarmed combat earning advanced qualifications and the coveted John Barton Prize at the lauded Prize Fights. One of her first jobs after leaving RADA was in the feature film The House of Angelo, where she was stunt cover for the leading lady and the only woman on the film’s fight team.

Sarah's first major TV role was playing Sister Karen Newburn in the BBC’s flagship drama series, Holby City. Karen was the straight-talking, no-nonsense Ward Sister, and estranged wife to Nick Jordan, played by Michael French. They battled throughout the first two series and their tempestuous relationship became one of the leading storylines. 

All Sarah's TV and film roles have been both diverse and challenging, including a chain-smoking pole dancer as the lead in the film Eva, a Chief Prison Officer in the TV series In Deep, a seductive burglar in Men Of The World, and an alienated and tormented wife in the adaptation of Catherine Cookson’s period novel, Tilly Trotter.

She has also had the fantastic opportunity of working with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant in the award-winning comedy, Extras, playing the recurring role of the make-up woman, whose name nobody can remember.



BBC  |  Doctors (Yvonne Turnham)  |  Guest Lead

ITV  |  Vera (Jeannie Long)  |  Guest Lead   

BBC  |  Doctors Beth Wilde)  |  Guest Lead

BBC  |  Extras II (Make-Up Woman  |  Semi-Regular - 3 eps 

ITV  | The Last Detective (Kitty Sullivan  |  Guest Lead  

BBC  |  Eastenders (Amanda Parry)  |  Recurring Guest - 8 eps

ITV  |  Steel River Blues (Belinda Moss)  |  Regular Lead - 1 Series


BBC  |  In Deep (Katy Gannon  |  Guest Lead - 2 eps 


BBC  |  Murder In Mind (Sandra)  |  Guest Lead  

BBC  |  Where The Heart Is (Julia Joyce  |  Guest Lead  

BBC  |  Badger (Amanda)  |  Guest Lead  

BBC  |  Doctors (Celia Cobb)  | Guest Lead   

BBC  | Holby City (Sister Karen Newburn)  |  Regular Lead - 2 Series   

BBC  |  Men Of The World (Laura)  |  Guest Lead  

BBC  | Pie In The Sky (Receptionist)  |  Supporting 

BBC  | Do The Right Thing (Rachael)  |  Supporting



Out Of Water (Mother)  |  Very Good! Productions  | Dir: Callan Riches


Eva (Rachel)  |  NTS Films  |  Dir: Laura Smith   


Out Done (Sarah)  |  Canyon Films  |  Dir: Festival Films

Tilly Trotter (Mary Brentwood)  |  Festival Films  |  Dir: Alan Grint

The Glass Virgin (Agnus)  |  Festival Films  |  Dir: Sarah Hellings 

The House Of Angelo (Meg / Stunt Team)  |  Tripal Productions  |  Dir: Jim Goddard


A Place Of Safety (Kate)  |  Hint Of Lime Productions  |  Omnibus Theatre  |  Dir: Jacqui Garbett    

Gone Silent (Elise)  |  After Orlando Theatre Action  |  Finborough Arms  |  Dir: Clare Bloomer   

Silas Marner Nancy Cass)  |  The Royalty Theatre  |  Dir: Barry Robinson

Our Country's Good (Mary Brenham/Meg Long)  |  Vanbrugh Theatre  |  Dir: Penny Cherns  

Trojan Women (Helen Of Troy)  |  The Studio Theatre, London  |  Dir: Alby James              

Phaedra (Aricia)  |  The Studio Theatre, London  |  Dir: Peter James                

It's A Girl (Sandra)  |  The Gielgud Theatre, London  |  Dir: Tom Wakeley

Camile (Sophie de Leon)  | Vanbrugh Theatre  |  Dir: Clare Venables

Teechers (Gail)  |  The Theatre Upstairs  |  Dir: Nola Dutton

The Pride Of Miss Jean Brodie (Jean Brodie)  |  Forum Theatre, Billingham  |  Dir: Gordon Steel

Sweet Charity (Ursula)  |  Billingham Forum Theatre  |  Dir: Gordon Steel

Cabaret (Fraulein Schneider)  |  UK Tour & Edinburgh Festival  |  Dir: Gordon Steel

Jesus Christ Superstar (Chorus)  |  Forum Theatre, Billingham  |  Dir: Gordon Steel

The Magic Flute (Servant)  |  The Little Theatre  |  Dir: Ian Caddy & Keith Bentley

The Italian Girl In Algiers (Maid)  |  The Little Theatre  |  Dir: Dafydd Burne-Jones

Carmen (Factory Girl)  |  The Little Theatre  |  Dir: Jonathan Clift

Yeoman Of The Guard (Kate)  |  The Little Theatre  | Dir: Michael Trotter

The Pirates Of Penzance  |  The Little Theatre  |  Dir: Michael Trotter

Special Skills

Barebow archery, horse-riding, snowboarding, ballet, piano, violin,

yoga, weight-lifting, and tennis.


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